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Can you really make a living with your writing? Do traditionally published authors have to market their own books? Will reading other people’s books damage your authorial voice? Get the answers to all these questions and more, in my latest book, Writing Myths: Myths and Misconceptions Holding You Back in Your Writing Career! You can... / READ MORE /
Imran Khan is a poet that teaches about mental health through the form of creative writing. I sat down with him to talk writing, mental health, and why the two are so closely linked. How did you get started writing? When I was about eleven, my sister talent scouted me after she read a poem... / READ MORE /
Discover how to create your author website in this handy guide.
Like it or not, websites are an important part of life as a writer in the twenty-first century. Your website is the first place readers who find you in an interview, on a guest blog post, or through your books, will go to find out more information about you and the other things you’ve written. If you don’t have a website, you risk losing those potential readers and even future sales. / READ MORE /

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