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Discover books by Kristina Adams available to help you improve your writing and your mindset. Available now from Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and more.

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Character creation crash course


How to Write Believable Characters
Character Development Tips for Novelists, Poets, and Scriptwriters

Productivity for Writers cover

Productivity for Writers
How to Write More, Defeat Your Inner Critic, and Make the Most of Every Minute

Writing Myths cover

Writing Myths
Myths and Misconceptions Holding You Back in Your Writing Career

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15 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Writer

15 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Writer

Many writers want to make money from their craft. Some may be embarrassed to admit it. Some may not know how to get started. It's time to change that. There's no shame in making money from your fiction-writing skills. There's also no shame in using those skills in...

Setting as Character: How and When to Use it

Setting as Character: How and When to Use it

This is an extract from my book, How to Write Believable Characters. Out now! When it comes to settings, you have several options: they could reflect your character’s personality, they could influence how they feel, or they could become characters themselves. The...

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