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Every writer dreams of making money from their writing. But, when it comes to chasing our goals, we’re usually our own worst enemies. Actually, make that all the time.

That’s why, at The Writer’s Cookbook, we take a mindset-focused approach.

When you truly know yourself, and you’re confident in your abilities, you’ll take more creative risks and grow your skills faster.

Making money from writing doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It could be your reality.

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Productivity for Writers
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Writing Myths
Myths and Misconceptions Holding You Back in Your Writing Career

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What Makes a Good Plot?

What Makes a Good Plot?

I've been asked many, many times how I create my plots. Truth is, when I started out, it wasn't conscious. And that's how I got myself into a hole writing my first book and needed to retrospectively write everything down because I didn't know WTF I was doing. I had 14...

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5 Signs Your Characters Need More Depth

5 Signs Your Characters Need More Depth

Characters need depth. Three-dimensional characters are what keep readers reading. They're what makes your writing process more fun. And they make your writing process easier. Every indie author career is built on the strength of its characters. Why do I say that?...

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How to Write a Chilling Ghost Story

How to Write a Chilling Ghost Story

Fantasy trends come and go, and right now, one of the trends in fantasy is ghosts. From The Conjuring Universe to The Haunting Anthology on our screens, to the influx of new ghost stories being published online, it's hard to avoid dearly departed characters right now....

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