When I was coming up to graduating from my BA in Creative Writing, I received no guidance from the uni or anyone else about what to do next.

Frankly, no one knew what to do with me. I was only cut out for sitting in a darkened room with a typewriter on my own with no money for the rest of my life…right?


A Creative Writing degree opens far more doors than many people realise.

If it wasn’t for the help of some very savvy friends then I probably still wouldn’t have a clue.

So, whilst I’m by no means a career expert, I do know a lot about writers and writing, so here are 7 jobs you can do with your Creative Writing degree…


Why not use your Creative Writing degree towards a job in journalism?

This is an obvious one, and a direction a lot of people tried to push me into. If journalism is your thing, go for it, but remember: journalism and Creative Writing are two VERY different things.

The journalistic landscape has also changed a lot in the last few years, so do your research before deciding if this is the right path for you. There’s not as much money in it as there used to be.


Copywriting has been used by many writers as a way into the industry.

It was copywriting that got me started in my career.

Copywriting uses your knowledge of tailoring writing to a particular genre and audience to try and sell products.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and some creative writers find it soul-destroying as it’s basically the opposite of writing fiction, but it’s a good money-spinner and how writers like Allen Ginsberg and F. Scott Fitzgerald got started.

If you’re truly great at it, you can demand five or six figures for your work. However, to be able to quote that much, you need to focus on copywriting and not fiction or poetry.

The more time you dedicate to copywriting, the more money you can earn.

Social Media

Social media is a great way for writers to combine their love of writing, creativity and people.

If you already spend your days on social media, why not look into a career in it?

Jobs at the bottom of the ladder aren’t the most well-paid and are often apprenticeships, but it’s a well-paid industry once you get established.

Other Marketing And PR

There are lots of other jobs out there in marketing and PR, and as a Creative Writing graduate, you could do any of them!

Writing press releases, organising ad campaigns, organising events…you can easily use your creative skills in the marketing industry.

You already have great communication skills (because let’s face it, that’s what a Creative Writing degree teaches you above all else), so why not consider a job in marketing?

Customer Service

Customer service is a great job for a creative writing graduate because you have to use your language skills to solve customers' queries. You also get some great inspiration.

Many of my former classmates have ended up in customer service. If you enjoy working with—and helping—people, this is worth considering.

Public Speaking

Me, public speaking.

Yes, you CAN get paid to talk to people. You’d need to establish yourself first, though. How you do that is up to you, but YouTube videos on your chosen topic are a good way to start.


The only thing stopping you from self-publishing is you.

If you self publish, you’ll earn a whole lot more than if you go down the traditional route. However, getting started can be difficult, and unless you’re well-versed in marketing, you’ll struggle to be heard.

But, if you’re savvy enough to do the research and put the work in, it’s the perfect role for you.

There’s a lack of job security and no guaranteed income, but if you’re not cut out for a 9-5, it’s worth considering.

Over to You

There you have it—some of the many jobs out there for those of us with a Creative Writing degree.

Have I missed any? What have you gone done with your degree? I’d love to hear how you’ve put your skills to good use in the comments!