I’ve had websites on and off since I was thirteen.

Whenever I didn’t have a website, I felt like something was missing.

I didn’t know what to do with all my spare time.

(I know, I should’ve been writing, but I was a stroppy, self-loathing teenager.)

As social media took over and my online forum began to die, I knew it was time for a new website project.

I already had a personal blog, but I’d never put much effort into it.

I didn’t know what it wanted to be.

It had posts on it about my sewing projects, my pets, and ramblings about family life. It was all over the place, and I lacked the enthusiasm to write regularly.

In the summer of 2014 my MA was drawing to a close whether I wanted it to or not.

I wanted to keep writing, but I also wanted to keep sharing my knowledge and future lessons I’d learn throughout my writing journey.

So I decided to set up a new blog.

I spent weeks agonising over a title.

What made it unique?

What made me unique?

Two of my biggest interests are writing and cooking, so I began to list ideas that combined the two.

After all, books and poems and even blog posts have recipes just like cakes do.

Three years later…

So, three years later, here we are.

I’ve published my first book—and shared my journey with you.

Books lined up at the launch for What Happens in New York!

Books on sale at the launch for What Happens in New York!

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but they’ve all taught me something.

They’ve all got me to here.

And, as I continue to learn and grow, I’ll continue to share those lessons with you.

At The Writer’s Cookbook you’ll find recipes on everything from writing about mental health, to being more organised in your writing, to indie and traditional publishing.

Whatever you write, The Writer’s Cookbook has just the ingredients you need.

More about me

You can find out a little bit more about me on my bio page.

For something a little more personal, and to find out more about my books and poetry, you can visit my author website.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, where I regularly share details on what I’m up to and interesting things I find online and offline.

There may also be the odd poem, too 🙂

Guest Posts

If you’d like to write a guest post for The Writer’s Cookbook on writing, productivity, publishing, or mental health, email a pitch to thewriter[at]writerscookbook.com, or tweet me at @KristinaAurelia.

If you’d like to write a pitch on another subject that you feel may be of interest to my readers, please do get in touch—I’m always open to new ideas!

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A few guidelines for guest posts

  • Posts are written in British English. That means it’s colour not color, and organise not organise.
  • Posts should be at least 1,000 words in length with short paragraphs (no more than two or three sentences).
  • Posts should be broken up with the use of headers that help to sum up points for those that skim read the post.
  • Extra points are awarded for the use of Oxford Commas.

Happy writing!