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Advertising package

We’ve just launched out new advertising packages, which means you can get them for 50% off! This offer is only valid until 31 March, so get in while you can!

For $45, you can advertise for 30 days on the site.

The advertisement will be a skyscraper ad placed on the sidebar of the site. That means it will be seen by everyone who visits The Writer’s Cookbook, as the sidebar is visible on every page.

Images should be 160px in width and 600px in height.

If you don’t have a skyscraper image suitable, I can design one for you for an additional $100. You’ll need to include any useful assets such as your logo and any brand fonts you want included.

If you’d like further details—or to reserve your slot—email thewriter@writerscookbook.com.

Please note that only products that are related to writing or writers in some way will be considered for advertising. It’s important to us to keep any direct advertising appropriate for the site’s audience.

Alternatively, you can submit a sponsored post.