Stuck in a rut with your book?

Are you feeling lost or frustrated with your work in progress?

Are you—or your ideas—lacking direction?

So often, we start a new project with the best of intentions. But as we carry on working on it, we hit a wall. And the more we try to smash that wall, the stronger it becomes.

Even though you want to write, you find that you get nowhere. The more you try to write, the fewer words you add to the page. So you stagnate. And get further away from your dreams.

That blank page on your Word document gets scarier every day.

Frustrated writer who needs author coaching
Inspired from new ideas from author coaching

Old ideas, new approaches

Sometimes all we need is a little external, objective help to point us in the right direction.

A fresh pair of eyes on not just your work in progress, but how you approach that work in progress, can completely change your outlook.

And your productivity.

That’s where my author coaching package comes in!

Moral support—on steroids

We’ll sit down and discuss what’s holding you back. Maybe your idea isn’t strong enough. Or you’re not ready to write it. Or you’re in the wrong place mentally. Or something else.

Whatever it is, we’ll get to the root of your writing problems and figure out a clear path to solve them—together.

Kristina has a caring a passionate approach to what she does. She has helped me to control my need to add every possible idea into my story and to write a coherent and compelling plot as well create realistic characters. She instils confidence into you and helps you wade through the all the negativity that writers put themselves through, helping you find the positives. I highly recommend Kristina as she has a vast publishing history to back up her credentials. So, don’t hesitate, book yourself in!


YA fantasy and sci-fi author

Kristina has a way of teaching that makes things easy to understand and reassures you that you’ve totally got this whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just starting out.

Ellie Betts

Writer and podcaster

My approach

I’m not here to pander to you or pat you on the back and give you an ego boost. If your idea doesn’t have enough legs to reach the end, I’ll tell you.

My approach is a combination of moral support and tough love. I want you to succeed, which is why I’m not here to pat you on the back.

If your idea is amazing but your confidence couldn’t fit in a teaspoon, I’ll tell you that, too.

Then we’ll come up with ways to build you up so that you can succeed—beyond your biggest dreams.

Often, all we need is someone who’s been there to show us the way.

Helping you climb up the literary hill with author coaching
Kristina Adams and Millie the westie headshot

My story

In 2015, I committed to writing and self-publishing my first book. And I gave myself a year to do it.

Nobody thought I’d see it through. I’d started over twenty books in fifteen years and finished two. I’d given up on so many ideas that nobody had any faith in me.

Myself included.

But I’d always wanted to write and publish. It was the only thing I’d ever wanted from my life. I’d finished my MA in Creative Writing. I had plenty of spare time on my hands—if I stopped rewatching Castle for the third time.

So what was holding me back?

It wasn’t other people’s lack of faith in me—it was my lack of faith in myself.

Twelve books later, I still hear those voices telling me I’m not good enough. The difference is, I know how to shut them up.

I’ve learnt how to fight my demons, cure writer’s block, and get shit done.

And now I want to help you.


Amazon and Apple Books bestselling author

BA and MA in Creative Writing

12 books published

35,000+ blog readers a month

Featured in HuffPost, The Creative Penn, Self Publishing Formula

Solve your writing problems

Book a free, no-obligation call with me to talk about your writing problems—and start working towards a solution.

Ready to commit to your writing?

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Creator, Writer, Filmmaker

After my session with Kristina, I felt immediately enthused, confident and empowered. A great listener, she is immense at giving highly tailored guidance based on wherever you are in your publishing journey. No two aspiring authors are in the same place, either creatively or from a distribution and marketing perspective, but Kristina strengthens your abilities wherever they are. Thanks to her impressive publishing history, she’ll instil confidence in you without ever being aloof or condescending, in fact, her warmth and reassuring approach is what I most remember and appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristina, and look forward to our future consultations.

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