In 2014, no one read my blog. No matter what I did, nothing seemed to bring people to it. So naturally, I almost gave up.

What was the point in taking all that the time and effort to write content if nobody was going to read it? If nobody was even going to discover it?

It wasn’t until I invested in my marketing skills that I realised what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to fix it.

A year after I implemented the changes we discuss in this explore, I grew traffic by 912%.

Without that growth, I would’ve missed out on affiliate deals, book sales, and speaking opportunities.

I also  wouldn’t have been able to leave my full-time job to better manage my chronic health issues—issues that were on the verge of leaving me bed bound just six months ago.

Thanks to this very blog, I could leave my full-time job. Not only that, but I now earn more per month working for myself—and working fewer hours—than I ever did working a nine to five.

I never could’ve achieved those things had I not grown my readership.

The Writer’s Cookbook now attracts over 35,000 readers a month—most of whom come to me with very little promotion on my end.

Whatever you write, there’s one thing that you’ll always need: readers.

Without readers, you can’t build your authority in your industry or make money from your writing.

You’ll lose out on everything from guest post opportunities, to affiliate deals, to speaking gigs, to book deals.

And let’s not forget that the more readers you have, the more lucrative these opportunities can be.

But finding readers is often easier said than done.

In an ever-crowded market, where over two million posts are published daily, how on earth are your readers supposed to find you?

In the last decade, I’ve worked with small businesses, big businesses, solopreneurs, authors, and entrepreneurs to build their blogs and blogging skills. And quite often, the reason their blog isn’t getting the readership it deserves comes down to a handful of simple fixes.

In this free webinar, we’ll take a look at what those fixes are and how you can implement them right away.

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