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Savannah wrote her first romance at age eight—even then it was clear she was looking for a story about a breakthrough. Though that particular book shall never again see the light of day (please, don’t even ask) it set the stage for everything after. Savannah writes steamy series in Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense and is a Maggie Award winner. There are romances you read when you want the fantasy, when you want to escape, these are what you read when you want to believe.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why book research doesn’t have to be boring
  • How to go super in-depth on your book research
  • When you need to start researching for your next book
  • The most fun types of research

Check out Wondrium*:

Listen to Savannah Kade talk book research

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Show notes:

  • 00.00 – Introductions.
  • 01.20 – What do you mean FUN research?
  • 02.00 – Ellie’s magic goals.
  • 03.20 – Kristina has Mummy issues.
  • 06.15 – The wonders of Wondrium!
  • 07.45 – Interview with Savannah Kade
  • 08.30 – Characters pushing the plot.
  • 11.30 – Why do we even need to research?
  • 15.00 – Are we just being lazy?
  • 17.00 – The power of aggressive support, hoebag.
  • 18.30 – When should we be researching?
  • 21.00 – How do you go about approaching experts?
  • 25.10 – You don’t know who you don’t know.
  • 28.30 – No outlines?!
  • 29.50 – Does research vary between genres?
  • 37.30 – Push it up a grade, don’t fix everything.
  • 41.00 – Should we just invent our own towns?
  • 43.50 – What is Savannah’s favourite research topic?
  • 47.10 – Embracing the research.
  • 48.50 – Accidentally falling into research.
  • 50.45 – Be careful of your sources!
  • 51.40 – Rolling snowballs around and clogging New York streets.
  • 1.01.00 – Which book changed Savannah’s life?
  • 1.05.50 – Where can we find out more about Savannah?

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