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Books lined up at the launch for What Happens in New York!

Happy Birthday What Happens in New York!

It’s one year today since What Happens in New York was published on Kindle and in print!

Where has the year gone?!

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What Happens in London is out now!

After months of hard work and preparation, What Happens in London is finally here!

You can find it on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

I plan to publish it on Kobo and Nook soon, but as I’m entering it into Kindle Storyteller, digital rights have to remain exclusively with Amazon for now.

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EXCLUSIVE: Read the First Chapter of What Happens in London!

There’s less than a month to go until What Happens in London is published!

I’m so excited to share it with you!

Since I’m so excited, I shared the opening chapter with members of my fiction mailing list (you won’t have gotten it if you signed up for the free fiction-writing checklist, but you will have if you signed up for Liam’s short story) at the weekend.

If you missed out, never fear!

You can read the opening chapter of What Happens in London below!

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What Happens in London (And More) Update

I announced a while ago the sequel to What Happens in New York, What Happens in London. I had over 14,000 words written of it before I finished What Happens in New York. However, when I first came up with the plot for What Happens in London, I didn’t realise how complicated it would be.

I’ve since come to the conclusion that, in order to give the characters the breathing and growing space that they need, I’m going to split it into two parts: one will focus on Hollie and Astin, the other Fayth and Liam.

I haven’t decided yet if they will both be called What Happens in London parts one and two, or if they’ll have different names. That’s something I can figure out as I continue to write their stories.

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Fayth’s Poem from What Happens in New York, ‘Dreaming’

This poem from What Happens in New York came out of nowhere. I was in the mood to write a poem, and my head was in my character’s, so I ended up combining the two.

It’s happening more and more lately, and I’m hoping to include more poetry in future stories from the series, and also eventually release a book of poems tied to the series. A lot of the characters are poets/songwriters, so it’s not a far stretch, and it allows me to include my love of poetry with my fiction.

The poem features on Day 8 of their holiday, but it doesn’t contain any spoilers for what happens in their holiday.

Dreaming focuses on what happens before the novel—there’s no details here you can’t find in the blurb.

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid reading it before you read the book, don’t read ahead. If you want a little something to whet your appetite, keep reading…

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What Happens in New York: Meet Hollie Baxter!

I can’t believe it! Launch day is finally here! No pressure or anything.

In honour of launch day, it’s time for me to introduce to you the final character from What Happens in New York, Hollie Baxter.

The scene below is the first chapter. If you like what you read, you can also check out scenes featuring Fayth Campbell, Astin Mack, Liam York and Trinity Gold, and Tate Gardener. You can also purchase your copy on Amazon now, and find out what happens next!

Happy reading!

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What Happens in New York: Meet Liam York and Trinity Gold!

In the latest scene from What Happens in New York, it’s time to meet Hollywood golden couple Liam York and Trinity Gold. They look like the perfect couple, but are they as perfect in real life as they appear to be on camera?

Don’t forget you can check out scenes featuring Astin Mack, Tate Gardener, and Fayth Campbell too!

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What Happens in New York: Meet Fayth Campbell!

A while ago now, I asked on my Facebook page which characters you’d like to meet first. Astin Mack came first, followed by Tate Gardener, and deuteragonist Fayth Campbell came third.

In this scene, Fayth is working in the family pub when her ex-husband Patrick appears. She desperately tries to avoid him, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan…

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What Happens in New York: Meet the Characters!

I’ve been writing about the characters of What Happens in New York for so long now that I often forget that not everyone knows them as well as I do!

So, in preparation for the launch this time next week(!) it’s time for you to meet the characters of What Happens in New York

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Quiz: Are You More Like Hollie or Fayth From What Happens in New York?

I used to love creating quizzes back in the day. I can’t tell you why. I was addicted to taking them, too. I really had to stop myself because I spent far too much time on Quizilla (is that site even still going)!

I decided to combine my love of quizzes with What Happens in New York, and I’ve created a quiz! Find out if you’re more like redheaded fashion designer Hollie, or family-orientated cook Fayth in the quiz below!

Let me know what you think to the quiz below, and if you’d be interested in any future ones 🙂

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