A few weeks ago now, I embarked on a (totally unscientific) experiment to find out if exercising more affected my productivity.

There are a few gaps this time as I keep forgetting to write updates (and make notes of what songs I listen to, which I’m sure you’re gutted about), but I’m still exercising most days and finding it to be beneficial.

Day Eight

Exercising is starting to catch up with me. Forced myself to keep going anyway.

Day Nine

Didn’t do any exercise today, and it definitely affected my mood and productivity.
I had far less energy and struggled to concentrate more. However, I wanted to rest because my muscles are really starting to ache now.

Day Ten

My left arm and shoulder weren’t happy today. Thankfully, the pain lessened as the day went on.

I went wedding dress shopping with my friend today and it was a longer walk to the dress shop than she thought.

According to my Fitbit, I did 126 minutes worth of walking today. My feet were not happy when I got home, but changing the pace and walking instead of jogging or going on my cross trainer seemed to help my muscles relax a bit.

I definitely feel better physically. There are times when I can feel I’m sitting up straighter and don’t have the urge to slouch, and my muscles are a lot less tense even if they are sore.

Day Eleven

Started on the weights after having done my ten minutes cross training today.

I have a feeling I’ll pay for this tomorrow.

Day Twelve

Wasn’t so bad when I woke up, but by the end of the day I felt like I was waddling and could barely lift my arms above my head.

Day Thirteen

More cross training and weights today. Still paying for Sunday but wanted to keep up the routine. I really, really didn’t want to exercise today. Forced myself to anyway and somehow managed to keep going. Now I’m not sure my legs will ever hold me upright again.


Hard Times – Paramore

Kissing Strangers – DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj

Later: no matter what I eat, I’m still hungry. I have a serious case of the munchies and no idea why.

Day Fourteen

Two weeks since I began this experiment. I’m now doing more exercise but every other day. My joints are definitely less tense and my anxiety is better, but there are periods where the muscles I’ve had problems with have gotten worse, not better. I also find that I lag a lot more in the afternoons than I used to.

Day Seventeen

If I don’t remember to write updates on the day, I forget, that’s why there’s a gap.

Yesterday involved waking up far too early (5am), so I didn’t do any exercise. Woke up this morning feeling shaky and weak, but forced myself to do some weights anyway. I didn’t get very far. But at least I did something. Hoping to go back on my cross trainer tomorrow, which has to be moved back downstairs again since I’m getting a bookcase for my writing room.

For once, I didn’t listen to any music. It definitely helps make the whole thing less boring.

Also, my shoulders have got a lot more movement in them than they used to have. They’re still stiff, but they don’t seize up whenever they can anymore. My chest/back muscle is continuing to improve, too. I’ve always slept on my side or my front, but I’ve started sleeping on my back and that’s really helping. It’s not the comfiest position for me, but if it makes my muscles happier…

Day Nineteen

I am not equipped to move furniture. Just moving my new bookcase from a trolley into the car was enough to make my chest muscles angry, so I’m trying to take it easy today.

The cross trainer has now returned to its original location of the kitchen, which isn’t ideal, but at least I can still go on it.

I managed 10 minutes on my cross trainer yesterday morning, then had to go buy the bookcase and finalise the proof for What Happens in London.

Since I forgot to turn my alarm off this morning, I woke up at half 6. I’m completely knackered and keep falling asleep. I did make it on to my cross trainer eventually, though.

Has exercising more affected my productivity?

In all honesty, no.

However, as one of my coworkers the other day put it, I’m a ‘machine’—I cannot sit still. I’m always doing something.

So for me, I couldn’t really get any more productive.

However (again), it has helped my mind and body in other ways.

My joints are definitely stronger, and for the most part, I have less issues with them. They definitely protest when I’ve exercised, but all of my muscles are far less tense than they used to be.

My anxiety is also considerably better than it used to be. While it’s still there, it’s nowhere near as loud.

I’m sleeping better, and while there are still days when I feel weak and drained, they’re not as common as they used to be.

On the days when I do feel drained, a little exercise perks me right up. I definitely find that exercising when I get home from work prevents me from wanting to nap—it gives me a second wave of energy ready to get some writing done in the evening.

So while exercising more (so far) hasn’t benefitted me in the way that I thought it would, it’s most definitely had an affect.