Lori Vajda, MSW, Founder and CEO of GB Brand Partners, and co-founder of Sticky Brand Lab.  She’d describe herself as a multi-hyphenated, multi-faceted individual as she believes each of us is, even if we don’t always think of ourselves that way. Just like you, the whole of who she is, is made up of all her life, career, and personal experiences. Gratefully, those experiences have guided her to where she is today.

For more than a decade she’s have been infusing her background as a therapist, dating coach, and content entrepreneur into all her career interests and pursuits including her current role as a podcaster. Now she shares her knowledge and experience with professional, multifaceted individuals to inspire, empower, support, and help guide their career diversification so they can create multiple streams of income through entrepreneurship. 

Nola Boea is president and podcast co-host with CEO Lori Vajda, of Sticky Brand Lab, where her love of entrepreneurship and her MBA combine to help people start side businesses and diversify their income.

For the last 15 years, she’s also worked full time with a nonprofit humanitarian organization. She has travelled to 16 developing countries, primarily as a staff writer and grant administrator, with the lofty goal to alleviate worldwide poverty. Currently, she fills an operational role focused on strategy development and change management.

Throughout her career, Nola has almost always held a side business (or two), such as developing websites, freelance copywriting, and business consulting. The common thread: she enjoys helping people help people.

Born in Alaska, Nola currently works and podcasts remotely, surrounded by trees in the deep rural south.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to spot the signs of burnout
  • How much time you should commit each day
  • Ways to build resilience

Listen to Lori and Nola talk about managing your writing on the side:

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Show notes

  • 00.00 – Introduction
  • 03.25 – Interview with Lori and Nola.
  • 03.50 – Who are Lori and Nola?
  • 05.00 – Nola’s box of notes.
  • 05.30 – Why do people set up side businesses?
  • 11.35 – What are common pitfalls of balancing multiple sources of income?
  • 14.10 – How long does it take for a side business to feel worthwhile?
  • 25.00 – What is the biggest issue people face when it comes to setting up a side business?
  • 27.40 – Balancing your expertise.
  • 29.00 – Creating for yourself can feel more rewarding, but…
  • 32.00 – Keep taking those little steps.
  • 33.20 – Where am I giving away my time?
  • 37.00 – Follow your energy, follow your creativity.
  • 41.30 – How much time should you set aside per day to start your side business?
  • 44.00 – Making Millie steps.
  • 45.24 – How do you know if you’ve taken on too much?
  • 47.40 – Recognising the signs of burnout, and reducing the effects.
  • 51.30 – Rest is about breaking the routine.
  • 54.15 – Manage your expectations.
  • 57.00 – Work with your brain type.
  • 1.00.50 – Give yourself extra time.
  • 1.01.00 – Which book changed Nola’s life?
  • 1.01.00 – Which book changed Lori’s life?
  • 1.08.00 – Where can you find out more about Lori and Nola?

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