A few people have asked me recently what What Happens in New York is all about. I’ve been working on it so long I’m not used to people around me not knowing!

So I feel it’s time to announce a little bit more about it, after I announced the cover for it last week.

Below is the blurb for the novel. It doesn’t give away much, but it should give you enough to whet your appetite 😉

The front cover for Kristina Adams's What Happens in New York

Wannabe fashion designer Hollie is working a job she despises for a boss she loathes. Her best friend Fayth, meanwhile, is mourning the loss of her mum and sister whilst trying to avoid her ex-husband. Not easy when you live in a village and your family owns the local pub. 

When Hollie rage quits her job, she and Fayth escape their problems on a once in a lifetime trip to New York. Little do they know they’re about to get tangled up with the Hollywood elite. But will the grass be any greener just because their new friends seemingly have it all?

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