I’ve been writing about the characters of What Happens in New York for so long now that I often forget that not everyone knows them as well as I do!

So, in preparation for the launch this time next week(!) it’s time for you to meet the characters of What Happens in New York


Meet the Characters of What Happens in New York!

Hollie Baxter

Full name: Hollie Beatrice Baxter

Nickname: Bea

Age: 22

Parents: Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Baxter, Ian ‘AWOL’ Lindberg

Grandmother: Marian Baxter

Pets: Golden Retriever called George

Occupation: Sales assistant

Eye colour: Pale green

Hair colour and style: Blood red, shoulder length, side fringe

Fashion sense: Bold colours, clean lines, lots of tartan and polka dot. A cross between Audrey Hepburn, Gwen Stefani, and Kenzi from Lost Girl

Likes: Designing clothes, Charmed, sewing, cross stitch, coffee (especially vanilla lattes), Highwater, cars, Oscar Wilde, making fun of clothes that are in fashion and will look ugly in six months’ time

Dislikes: Herself, misogyny, spineless people, Will, tea

Fayth Campbell

Full name: Fayth Theresa Campbell

Age: 23

Occupation: Bartender/pub cook/whatever else is needed

Parents: Ailie (deceased) and Darren Campbell

Pets: Three papillons: Rio, Paris, and Vienna

Siblings: Older sister Mhairi (deceased), younger sister called Brooke

Eye colour: Dark green

Hair colour and style: Long, dark brown, and curly. Usually tied into a ponytail

Fashion sense: Simple yet effective: jeans, slogan t-shirts, hoody

Likes: Cooking, Charmed, Supernatural, driving, gaming (especially World of Warcraft), Highwater, photography, writing in her diary, poetry, tea

Dislikes: Showing her emotions, her ex-husband Patrick, Hollie’s self-hatred, coffee

Astin Mack

Full name: Astin Theodore Mack (but don’t tell him I told you his middle name)

Age: 23

Occupation: Stunt performer, retired model

Parents: Sally and Jacob Mack

Siblings: Younger brother called Cooper

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour and style: Short, light brown

Tattoos: DeLorean with Einstein’s head poking out of the window on his right shoulder blade; little brother’s date of
birth on inside of his left arm

Fashion sense: Timeless, very James Dean. Likes his jeans and leather jackets

Likes: Cars, motorbikes, rock climbing, kickboxing, American football, coffee (especially macchiatos), Oscar Wilde

Dislikes: Modelling

Liam York

Full name: Liam Andrew York

Age: 25

Occupation: Actor

Parents: Finola and Nathaniel York

Siblings: Older sister, Saoirse (deceased)

Eye colour: Espresso brown

Hair colour and style: Floppy dark brown hair that’s always in his eyes

Fashion sense: Smart casual. Prefers chinos over jeans and shirts over t-shirts

Likes: Gaming (especially World of Warcraft), indie music, performing in plays, directing, astronomy, comics (he’s a Marvel guy)

Dislikes: Paparazzi, people who think they can play games but can’t, having nothing to do, spiders

Tate Gardener

Full name: Tate Gardener

Age: 24

Parents: Jason and Lauren Gardener (divorced)

Pets: Morkie called Moxie

Occupation: Singer/Actor/Model/Businesswoman

Eye colour: Honey

Hair colour and style: Super-long, wavy, honey blonde

Fashion sense: A cross between Audrey Hepburn and Katy Perry

Likes: Fashion, knitting, performing, helping people, dancing, socialising, working, Jack (but it’s a long story)

Dislikes: Trinity, being told what to do

Trinity Gold

Full name: Trinity Emerald Gold

Age: 24

Parents: None (emancipated)

Occupation: Singer/Actor

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair colour and style: Dark brown; very long and straight

Fashion sense: Bordering classy and unnecessarily revealing

Likes: Attention, performing, Liam, selfies, Instagram, herself, certain illegal substances, music

Dislikes: Tate, not getting enough attention, the sperm donor that assisted in her creation

There you have it! The characters from What Happens in New York! Don’t forget you can preorder your copy now and be one of the first to read it this time next week!