Are you making these common newbie writer mistakes?

Even if you’re not new to writing, you could still be making one of these mistakes (did we mention thinking you know everything is one of them?).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why there’s no such thing as a magical writing muse
  • The reasons why calling yourself a ‘newbie’ or ‘amateur’ writer is detrimental to your writing
  • The importance of using beta readers

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Show notes

  • Personal updates – 1:20
  • The Writer’s Toolkit – 4:07
  • Why building writing muscle is more important than having a magical writing muse – 6:03
  • Why you shouldn’t call yourself a newbie or amateur writer – 8:10
  • Why thinking you know everything is just as bad – 9:00
  • How dismissing certain genres is detrimental to your writing skills – 10:30
  • The importance of beta readers – 14:40
  • Book of the week – 19:00

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