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I grew up in a town where English was a subject that was looked down on. How could you possibly need to study English any more when you already know how to read and write? What's the point in studying plays and poetry and language acquisition? The point is because the more you know about language, the more immune you become to its effects.Language is an incredible tool and like any great power, can be used for good and evil. What's important is how you use it. How you say something is often more important than what you actually mean.Take the following clip from Russell Howard's Good News. It shows the difference between Ebola coverage in the US and the UK. / READ MORE /
Chai shortbread
I’ve been pretty lacklustre with posts lately, and for that I apologise. After handing in my final assignments I ran out of steam then became ill, which is why there was an influx of guest posts, recycling and nothing posted. I’m slowly getting back into the writing thing again, but in the mean time, since... / READ MORE /
There are so many different forms of poetry that it's hard to keep up. This is by no means a complete list --- there are always going to be some that get missed --- but I have tried to include as many as I could, and will update it as necessary.This isn't an in-depth list. You can click on the links under each for more detailed explanations and examples. I find the best way to learn about a new form is to read as much about it as possible, then attempt to write one as close to the rules as possible. What works for you may be different.Lowercase letters represent repeated lines. / READ MORE /
Before we begin it should be noted that this list does not contain a single mention of Romeo and Juliet — a self-described tragedy — or indeed 50 Shades of Grey — a different kind of tragedy altogether. The former is a terrible relationship model and the latter doesn't even count as a model; it's an abusive mess that you should most certainly be running from, preferably at high speeds. This list will contain books with a bit of oomph, and some will not be for the faint-hearted, but they do not idolise abuse or dubious consent. Because, and I'm letting you in on a well-kept secret here: that's not love. / READ MORE /
Whether you’re an active supporter of Women’s Rights or are just up for a dabble in a new genre, feminist literature is something that everyone can enjoy. Defined as literature supporting ‘feminist goals of defining, establishing and defending equal civil, political, economic and social rights for women’, it often identifies women’s roles as unequal to those… / READ MORE /

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