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Writing client-friendly copy is no easy task. There's far more to copywriting than just advertising a product. Copy must engage the reader; it must make the reader feel something as much as a piece of fiction. It is through this that we will keep the reader, the audience, and the customer, coming back: both to you and your client.Copy covers everything from marketing emails to blog posts to product descriptions. All marketing text that you find is classed as copy, and it should not be approached in the same way as fiction. Just because you are talented at writing fiction, that does not mean that you're certain to be a great copywriter and vice versa. / READ MORE /
Robin Williams had had depression. He'd been an addict. He'd suffered most of his life. These facts have haunted me since I discovered them last week. Someone so talented, so funny, so seemingly happy was in such a bad place that he decided to take his own life.Since then, there's been a barrage of posts and tweets about mental illness. They've ranged from explaining what it's like to live with depression, to how to talk to people about it, to what to do if you're struggling with it. Many of these are sensitive, well-written and worth reading. / READ MORE /
Watching a play can provoke many emotions: happiness, sadness, even anger. You get far more creative license writing a play than you would a screenplay (compare Posh to The Riot Club, and you’ll see what I mean). However, writing a play comes with its own challenges. You’re limited to setting, and staging some things (such as magic… / READ MORE /
Giving and receiving feedback is something that is encouraged in all Creative Writing courses. It’s often referred to as ‘workshopping‘. Some people enjoy it, others don’t. Some have a talent for it, whilst others are too afraid to hurt the other person’s feelings to focus on giving feedback to the work, not the person. Giving… / READ MORE /
Poetry is one of those awkward little gits where just because something works for one poem, that doesn't mean it'll work for another. There are so many types of poem, and you can do much more with the look, content and language of it than anything else. Poetry offers an unbelievable amount of creative freedom, but people often run away from it for reasons I don't fully understand.Poetry needn't be something to be scared of: with the right tools and the right direction, anyone can find the right type of poetry for them. / READ MORE /

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