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Alexa Whitewolf is the author of the Avalon Chronicles, Moonlight Rogues, The Sage’s Legacy Series,and Blood Ties, Love Binds.  She’s also a regular contributor to The Writer’s Cookbook. I sent her some questions to find out more about her writing process, her writing history, and her love of dogs and travel. How did you get into writing? I’ve always been an avid reader, since I was young and living in Romania. My mom... / READ MORE /
How to write fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia was first discovered in 1990. It’s the same age as me. I wasn’t officially diagnosed until early last year, but, looking back, both I and those that know me can see that I’ve had symptoms on and off for a long, long time. Nobody really knows what causes fibromyalgia. That’s why it’s still not... / READ MORE /
How to finish writing your book
So you’ve spent months—maybe years—obsessing over your characters. The colour of their eyes. The way they eat, speak, sleep. But you’re still no closer to finishing your story. And you don’t know why. Here’s how to finish writing a book—no matter how long you’ve been writing it. Know where your book is going (aka, planning... / READ MORE /
Should you use a pen name?
To your average person, a name is whatever your parents decided to call you. But to writers, it can make a huge difference. It can affect how your audience sees you. It can even impact your book sales. So, should you use a pen name? The truth is, it’s up to you I chose to... / READ MORE /

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