Matty Dalrymple is a thriller and suspense author who lives with her husband and their dogs in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and enjoys vacationing on Mount Desert Island, Maine, and Sedona, Arizona, and these locations provide the settings for her work. Matty is a member of Sisters in Crime and the Brandywine Valley Writers Group.

Listen to Matty Dalrymple talk podcasting for authors

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Show notes

  • 00.00 – Introductions 
  • 01.30 – Personal update
  • 03.10 – Interview with Matty Dalrymple
  • 05.25 – Why did Matty start a podcast?
  • 07.50 – What is the hardest part about podcasting?
  • 18.20 – What is the most surprising thing about podcasting?
  • 23.20 – The A, the B, and the three Cs of indie publishing
  • 25.45 – How to come up with podcast and interview topics
  • 31.00 – What types of writers benefit the most from podcasting?
  • 32.40 – What has podcasting taught Matty about herself and her writing?
  • 40.50 – Should you write first thing in the morning?
  • 45.45 – Does podcasting have an impact on writing?
  • 48.45 – Which book changed Matty’s life?
  • 50.35 – Where can you go to find out more about Matty?

The book that changed Matty’s life

The Sword in the Stone


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