Five years ago, I hardly wrote anything at all. Despite having a BA in Creative Writing, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my writing beyond university. I lost my inspiration to write, and didn’t think I’d ever get it back. I’d stare at my laptop screen for hours on end, willing the words to come, but they seldom did. And when they did, they were terrible.

Know the feeling?

Many writers do.

But writer’s block doesn’t need to rule your life.

I’ve gone from hardly writing at all to being able to write 14,000 words in a day.


With the tips and tricks in my upcoming book, Productivity for Writers!

Productivity for Writers

The cover of Productivity for Writers, coming soon!

Productivity for Writers answers all the questions you have about how to write more but never known who to ask. It looks at time management, how to pick your main project, and the difference environmental factors can make to how much you’re writing.

Whether you write full-time or part-time, Productivity for Writers will help you to write more, spark your creativity, and make the most of the time that you have each day, whether it’s five minutes or five hours.

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