Writers often pitch quality and quantity against each other. But what if it’s not an either/or thing? What if you could have great quality – at a quantity that allows you to pay the bills?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The fastest ways to grow your writing craft
  • Why endlessly tweaking the same work in progress is bad for your writing – and mental health
  • Why rapid releasing your books is effective, but when you SHOULDN’T do it

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Show notes

  • Personal updates – 00:58
  • The myth of quantity vs quality – 4:21
  • Why you’ll never write one perfect book – 6:40
  • Finding your voice – 9:36
  • Why quantity isn’t about releasing crap – 11:40
  • Improving craft to release faster – 12:51
  • Benefits of rapid releasing – 14:39
  • Book of the week – 18:47
Quantity vs quality in publishing