I shared with you a few weeks ago about why I’ve decided to rewrite my novel from scratch after having worked on it for seven years. Well…I’ve now finished writing it and completed the first full edit of the manuscript. The characters are in place and so is the plot. The next thing I need to work on is some of the locations. It’s set in New York, somewhere I’d LOVE to go but can’t afford to visit, so I’m doing my research based on the internet and what friends have told me. If anyone’s got any useful sites/info, it would be hugely appreciated ūüôā

Let’s see…what else can I tell you?

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot as it’s still subject to change, but here’s the premise:

Twentysomething fashion designer Hollie and her best friend Fayth, a budding cook, are both bored with their lives. After quitting her job, Hollie decides they need a change of scenery and drags Fayth on holiday to New York. Little do their realise that it will be the catalyst into a world of food, fashion, and fame.

Their adventure is called What Happens in New York. 

What’s changed between drafts?

In the original draft, some of the character’s motivations behind their actions didn’t work. I was also forcing a couple together that really weren’t ready to be together yet. After going to a novel writing workshop, I realised that they a) didn’t need to be together yet, and b) the perfect way to keep them apart was to bring back one of my favourite characters.

Villains are hugely fun for any writer to create. Trinity Gold is no exception. She’s a self-manipulative bitch, a lot like Regina George from Mean Girls. She expects everyone to do everything for her and doesn’t understand why they don’t. When her world starts to fall apart, she blames Fayth¬†and takes her anger out on her.

It was a little hard for me to get back into the Trinity-writing mindset at first—I haven’t written about her for a good four or five years—but once I started thinking about how she could fit in and put the right soundtrack on, it all started to fall into place.


What I’ve Learnt so Far Rewriting my Novel

It changed more than I expected

I knew that some of the story would change, but supporting characters have turned out differently, as have relationships. Each of the core relationships have changed in pace, as have how they react in certain situations. The manuscript has surprised me more than I expected.

People are really supportive

Since telling people about the rewrite, I’ve had loads of comments about wishing me luck, asking how it’s going, etc. It’s been really great to talk to people about!

I’ve changed more as a writer than I realised

I’m scared to look at the original draft that I wrote back in May 2008. I’m also slightly scared for people to see/hear the new version, but that’s because of how much work I’ve put into it.

What next?

I’m now going to put it to the side for a little while whilst my wonderful beta-readers check it out and let me know what they think. Then it’s time for another edit, then on to a professional! If anyone can recommend any¬†decent professional editors (that are familiar with British AND American English, and the subtle differences between them), let me know.