Kevin Wilde is an award-winning, American screenwriter. His horror/thriller screenplay ‘Murdock’ is currently signed to a shopping agreement with Four Thieves Productions, and his co-written LGBTQ romantic comedy ‘Get the Girl’ is signed to a shopping agreement with Disrupting Influence. Kevin has a passion for writing compelling character-driven stories that often represent the LGBTQ+ community.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you’re never too old to start writing
  • How to get into the screenwriting industry
  • The importance of feedback from your peers

Listen to Kevin Wilde talk screenwriting mindset

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Show notes

  • 00.00 – Introduction
  • 02.22 – Writing themed Room 101!
  • 05.20 – Interview with Kevin Wilde
  • 07.15 – What made him commit to writing?
  • 09.20 – How did Murdoch come about?
  • 11.22 – Should you use a screenwriting formula?
  • 13.45 – What’s Kevin’s writing process?
  • 21.25 – Does living in the middle of nowhere stop you from being a writer?
  • 23.50 – Is networking important for success as a writer?
  • 28.30 – What is so surprising about the screenwriting community?
  • 30.48 – What is the best trait to learn for a writer?
  • 33.05 – How to build patience as a writer?
  • 35.26 – Are you ever too old to write?
  • 37.05 – Which book changed Kevin’s life?
  • 38.34 – Where can you find out more about Kevin?

The book that changed Kevin’s life

Misery – Stephen King

Resources mentioned

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