Second book syndrome. The sophomore slump. Call it what you like; all writers will face it at some point. It can strike whether it’s your second book, the second book in a series, or the second book of a new pen name.

In this episode, Kristina talks about how she faced second book syndrome with her What Happens in… series, and avoided it for her next two series.

You’ll learn:

  • What the sophomore slump is
  • How to not get stuck on your work in progress
  • The importance of research—and where to do it

Listen to Kristina and Ellie talk the sophomore slump

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Show notes

  • 00.00 – What is second book syndrome?
  • 02.05 – Did Kristina suffer with second book syndrome?
  • 02.30 – Kristina’s writing process for The Mummy’s Curse.
  • 05.00 – Using Egyptian mummies for comas!
  • 06.50 – Drawing on documentaries and more for research.
  • 12.50 – How to avoid the sophomore slump.
  • 17.00 – Support us on Patreon.

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