“Great course. Detailed and engaging.”

– Gemma Patricio

“I’ve been to many of Kristina’s workshops and my writing skills have improved significantly with her help. She has a way of teaching that makes things easy to understand and reassures you that you’ve totally got this whether you’ve been writing for years or you’re just starting out.”

– Ellie Betts

Not only am I learning, but you are reaffirming things I’m already doing. My confidence has grown.”

– Mary Beth Bretzlauf 

“I learnt a lot in a short time and I would thoroughly recommend this course.”

Clare Stevens, author


An in-depth course that looks at how to find your audience, what to blog about, and how to monetise your blog.



“I recommend this book to any beginning writer who needs a cheerleader on their side, someone who has survived the struggle against self-doubt and broken through the walls in the way of creating their dreams.”

– Amazon Reviewer
on Productivity for Writers

“This book answered most of my questions and gave me hope to feel free to begin to bare my future stories to the world. It’s also chock-full of very useful information.”

– Amazon Reviewer
on Writing Myths

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about writing careers. This book clears them up so that you can be your happiest, most productive self while working towards your writing goals.


Discover what’s really holding you back in your writing so that you can write more and improve your craft. 


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