Tim Lewis is a former IT manager in a financial markets company who, after the death of his wife, decided to try and become an author, writing time travel and then later fantasy books. In his efforts to try and work out how to sell books online, he became fascinated by using social media for business and to improve your life. 

His latest book Social Media Networking he explores how to use social media to build connections to get ahead in your career, personal life and business. He has spoken at Cambridge Social Day and most recently at Agorapulse’s What’s Up Social event about the future of social media. 

He’s a host of the Oh No! Not Another Live Show!—a topical live show on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and runs the #indieAuthorChat Twitter chat for the Alliance of Independent Authors. Recently he has started to concentrate on author and social media productivity and is creating courses on this for the SmallBusiness.live training site.

Would you like to improve your networking skills, particularly when it comes to social media? Tim Lewis is the author of Social Media Networking, and we picked his brain about all things writers are doing right—and wrong—with social media.

You’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of focusing on one platform instead of trying to be everywhere
  • The benefits of using social media for authors
  • Why automatically sharing posts between platforms is a bad idea

Listen to Tim Lewis talk social media networking for authors

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Show notes

  • 3.15 – Personal updates
  • 7.07 – About Tim Lewis
  • 9.55 – Why is networking important for writers?
  • 12.10 – Should we be networking with readers or writers?
  • 20.15 – How do you deal with networking and marketing as an introvert?
  • 26.40 – Do writers need to be on social media to network?
  • 29.10 – What mistakes do writers make on social media?
  • 34.50 – Where to start with networking
  • 39.55 – Is LinkedIn as useful for fiction authors as it can be for non-fiction?
  • 45.30 – Social media DON’TS
  • 48.17 – Should we be using social media scheduling tools?
  • 49.45 – If someone wants to stop cross posting, what should they do to change that?
  • 53.50 – Which book changed Tim’s life
  • 56.00 – Where can you find out more about Tim?

Tim’s books

Social Media Networking

Magpies and Magic

Kristina’s Afterlife Calls series

The Ghost’s Call:

Preorder The Mummy’s Curse:

Books mentioned

Write, Publish, Repeat – Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant

Let’s Get Publishing series – David Gaughran

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