Are you a business looking to expand your reach?

Do you offer a product or service that writers love (or will love)?

Then a sponsored post for The Writer’s Cookbook might be for you!

About The Writer’s Cookbook

  • Created in July 2014
  • Run by Kristina Adams, author of 16 books
  • Shares advice on writing for writers looking to improve their skills and make money from their writing
  • DA of 36
  • 700+ mailing list
  • 3,000+ social media audience
  • 35,000 readers a month

What you get

  • Tap into our audience of 35,000 blog readers every month
  • Reach 3,000+ people on social media
  • Reach hundreds of people on the Writing Ingredients mailing list
  • Hands-on editing and feedback from the site owner to ensure the post is relevant to the audience and promotes your business in the best possible way

Post guidelines

We conduct a strict quality control check on all posts submitted to the site. Posts will not be accepted just because payment is offered.

Posts must be:

  • SEO friendly
  • Minimum of 1,000 words (no maximum)
  • Written in British English
  • About writing or life as a writer
  • Clear about what they’re trying to say
  • Perfectly proofread

Extra points for:

We can work with you to come up with a post that is relevant to our audience.


What sort of posts do you accept?

The best performing posts are how-to articles. However, we’re open to all kinds of pitches so long as they’re relevant to indie publishing novelists.

What sort of posts do you not accept?

Poorly written posts. Ones that aren’t related to writing. Posts that require too much editing. Posts that have no clear structure, message, or takeaway.

What kind of writers are in your audience?

Our audience ranges from students studying their homework, to indie authors looking to improve their income. Our focus is on helping independently published authors building their confidence and backlist to increase their book sales.

When will my post be published?

Posts are published on Tuesday. The schedule is usually worked out a couple of months in advance, but if there’s a date you need to hit to promote a launch for example, I’m happy to work with that.

Do I need to find imagery?

It’s always helpful but not necessary. Featured images are 1280px x 450px, so if you’d like to suggest one, please ensure that it can be cropped to this size.

You can include as many images as you like, but if possible please shrink them as many of our readers are on mobile.

How many links can I include in a post?

Two. These must be to relevant posts, infographics, products, or services. If they don’t tie into writing or writers somehow, they’ll be removed.

How much is a sponsored blog post?


How do you take payment?

PayPal. Payment details will only be sent once your post has been approved. The post will then be added to the schedule.

What if I’d like to be featured but I don’t have time/resources to write the content?

For an additional $500, I can write a post of around 1,000 words for you.

This can include a keyword of your choice and some key points of your suggestion.

However, if you require me to write the post, brand mentions will only be included if and when they make sense.

Will readers know it’s a sponsored post?

Yes. The top of the post will have a clear statement saying that it’s a post sponsored by the name of your company. If it’s a guest post written by you, you may also include a short bio about the person who’s written it or the company itself.

How will the post be promoted?

An email will be sent to our mailing list. It will also be shared on social media. If it’s an evergreen post, it will be shared multiple times as long as the site still exists.

Do you do product reviews?

Yes. These will be objective and cost an additional $500 (so $1000 for the post in total).

Please note that this will be an objective review. It will carefully weigh up the pros and cons and the benefit to readers. It will clearly state that it’s a paid review but 100% objective.

Do you do book reviews?

No. There are plenty of amazing book blogs out there already.

However, if you’d like to write a list of books for writers on a particular topic and include your book, that’s acceptable.

What if I’d like a backlink/mention in a pre-existing blog post?

Sorry, this isn’t a service that’s currently available.

Please do not email asking for backlinks. Any emails asking for backlinks will be ignored.

Can I sponsor a pre-existing or future post?

Yes. This costs $150. It will mention at the start and end of the post that it’s sponsored by you. If you have a particular post in mind, please email me with which one you’d like to sponsor.

What’s the process?

  1. Email your interest to with details on what you’d like to write about (extra points for including the keyword, as SEO is important to the site). If it isn’t immediately clear how the post ties in with writing/writers, please also include this.
  2. If your pitch is accepted, you can write and submit it. If it isn’t, you’re welcome to try again in the future.
  3. Once you’ve submitted your post, I’ll go through and edit it. I may suggest some changes to help it fit the target audience better. If the edits are significant, I’ll send the notes back to you for you to make the necessary changes.
  4. When the post is ready, I’ll send the payment details to you.
  5. Once payment has been received, social media images will be created and the post will be added to the blog’s schedule. This is usually alternate Tuesdays.
  6. When the post is live, it will be sent to the Writing Ingredients mailing list and promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any further questions, you can also email them to