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Why I Love Writing Romance

Growing up, there were two genres I wrote the most: fantasy and romance. I don’t write as much fantasy as I used to, but I’ve carried on writing romance. I never really thought about why until a few days ago.

After a particularly rough and emotionally draining week, I settled down in front of a Nicholas Sparks film. Why I chose to do this I still don’t understand. It was probably something to do with James Marsters. Whilst watching it, I felt an odd sense of comfort. The plot was predictable and the ending was bittersweet, but I still felt better after I’d finished watching it. I’d expected to end up turning it off after ten minutes, but I ended up getting wrapped up. Especially when I discovered an ex-Home and Away star was in it. (Home and Away is one of my guilty pleasures.)

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The Best of The Writer’s Cookbook 2014

It’s that time of year when we get all reflective and look back at what’s happened in 2014. 2014 was the year that The Writer’s Cookbook started, and I really appreciate all the support I’ve received so far. I hope that in 2015 the site will continue to grow and you’ll all continue to show your support for it 🙂

As part of that reflectiveness, here’s a list of The Writer’s Cookbook’s best of 2014.

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An Alternative to Mr Grey: My Top 5 Love Stories

Before we begin it should be noted that this list does not contain a single mention of Romeo and Juliet — a self-described tragedy — or indeed 50 Shades of Grey — a different kind of tragedy altogether. The former is a terrible relationship model and the latter doesn’t even count as a model; it’s an abusive mess that you should most certainly be running from, preferably at high speeds. This list will contain books with a bit of oomph, and some will not be for the faint-hearted, but they do not idolise abuse or dubious consent. Because, and I’m letting you in on a well-kept secret here: that’s not love.

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