A couple of months ago, Ultimate Bundles reached out to me and invited me to include my Character Creation Crash Course in their upcoming bundle, The Writer’s Toolkit.

With names like Dave Chesson (Kindlepreneur), Darren Rowse (Problogger), and ProWritingAid included, how could I say no?

I’m an affiliate of the bundle, which means I make a percentage from every sale. This doesn’t cost you any extra, but does contribute towards the running of The Writer’s Cookbook 🙂

What is The Writer’s Toolkit?

It’s over $5,000 worth of courses, ebooks, and templates to help you improve your writing. Whatever you write.

And it could be all yours for just $97.

You can also upgrade to get their cheatsheet, for an additional $50, which will help you navigate the whole thing and work out which tools are best suited to your writing goals.

It’s available from 7 June 2021 to 11 June 2021.

And if you join before midnight on 10 June, you’ll also get print copies of Story Grid’s books, too!

The Writers Toolkit 2021

What’s in The Writer’s Toolkit?

So, so much. Did I mention it’s worth over $5,000?

My favourite goodies:

  • 3 months of ProWritingAid Premium
  • The Write Practice’s The Write Plan Planner

Some goodies for freelance writers:

  • Freelance writer contract template
  • Freelance writing: the ultimate guide to REAL success (by Traci Benoit)
  • How to become a freelance writer in 60 days
  • Problogger’s ultimate guide to freelance writing: how to get paid blogging jobs
  • The ultimate guide to ghost writing
  • 12-month premium candidate membership to ProBlogger

Marketing goodies:

  • Publicist in a box (ecourse by Larissa Banting)
  • Content planning toolkit
  • The 10-day smart author publicity challenge
  • Mastering keywords and categories (by Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur)

Productivity goodies:

  • 12-months to full-time author (by Steff Green)
  • The writer’s deadline formula (by Marion Roach Smith)
  • Perfect writing day (by Hope Writers)

Novel writing and publishing goodies:

  • Build your book cover by Friday
  • Copyright and disclaimer template for ebooks
  • Self publishing masterclass: go from idea to bestseller (by Jen Ruiz)
  • Character creation crash course (by me!)

That’s not even all of it! You can check out a full list of what you can get over on The Writer’s Toolkit page.

The Writers Toolkit 2021

Where can I get The Writer’s Toolkit?

Glad you asked! It’s available from 7-11 June 2021 over on Ultimate Bundles’ website.

To get the early bird goodies, like print copies of Story Grid’s books, you need to grab your bundle before midnight ET on 8 June (or 5am BST on 9 June).

The Writer’s Toolkit is jam-packed with stuff to improve your writing skills, whatever you write and whatever your goals are.

And it’s an utter bargain at just $97.

You’ll never find another bundle like it, so grab your copy today:

The Writers Toolkit 2021