Cosy mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig is a library-loving, avid mystery reader. A pet-owning Southerner, her four series are full of cats, corgis, and cheese grits. The mother of two, she lives with her husband, a fun-loving corgi, and a shy fluffball of a cat.

We spoke with Elizabeth about her history as a traditionally published author with Penguin, her transition to indie publishing, and her writing process.

You’ll learn:

  • The differences (and similarities) between traditional and independent publishing
  • About traditional publishing marketing models
  • How much traditionally published authors make
  • The reasons Elizabeth switched to indie publishing
  • Why it’s important to work with the right team, regardless of how you publish
  • What it’s like to write multiple long-running series

Listen to Elizabeth Spann Craig talk about the differences between traditional and indie publishing

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Show notes

  • 00.24 – Introductions
  • 03.30 – Personal Updates
  • 12.40 – Interview with Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • 13.31 – Why go from traditional publishing to indie publishing?
  • 18.30 – What would you say to someone who can’t decide whether to go indie or trad?
  • 21.45 – What are the biggest changes when moving to indie publishing?
  • 25.15 – How does the marketing process differ between traditional publishing compared to indie publishing?
  • 29.35 – What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing?
  • 34.22 – How has Elizabeth’s writing changed over time?
  • 41.15 – What’s it like writing a really long series?
  • 47.55 – Why publish some books under a pen name?
  • 56.00 – Is it worth creating an author blog?
  • 1.00.40 – Which book changed Elizabeth’s life?
  • 1.02.45 – Where can we find out more about Elizabeth?

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