I don’t know about you, but I hate present shopping. I love the idea of buying nice things for people, but I always get stuck on what to buy people.

That’s why I’ve created lists on Christmas present ideas for writers in the past.

However, this year, I wanted to do things a little differently.

This year, we’re looking at unique gift ideas for writers. Presents that are a little out-of-the-box, but that will truly take your writer friend or family member’s life to the next level. It’s the perfect way to show them how much you love and support them. (Or to treat yourself!)

This list is divided into sections to help you find the type of product you want. It’s got something for every budget, too.

Anything using an affiliate link is marked with a *. Purchasing something via an affiliate link won’t cost you any extra, but will contribute towards the running costs of the site 🙂


These pretty products will not only look great on your desk, but help you get more done, too.

Janet Murray’s Social Media Diary and Planner

Price: £39

Janet Murray’s Media Diary has been a bestseller for several years now. Every year it gets better, too. It’s the perfect place to organise your thoughts and stay focused so that you know what you’re doing and when, and can plan your marketing around it.

It’s broken down into yearly, quarterly, and monthly sections. There are also details about awareness days to help inform content ideas.

If anyone you know needs to get—and stay—organised, this is the present for them.

Buy a media diary*

Affirmation silver ring

Price: £42

Affirmations can go a long way to getting things done.

Sally How, of How Fine Designs, had this to say about her affirmation silver ring:

“This handmade silver ring has your word or words stamped as a permanent reminder of your goal. As you know words are powerful and yours will act as your positive affirmation and focus. You can choose to have your words stamped on the outside of your ring for all to see or have the secret version with the words on the inside.

“Jewellery bought for yourself is the most powerful way to make something amazing happen. Rings are the most powerful item of jewellery to wear because they are constantly in your vision, so act as a powerful reminder of what you want to manifest.”

Get an affirmation ring

Hand-decorated notebooks

Price: £20

Can you get anything much prettier or more special than a hand-decorated notebook? With each design being handmade, that means they’re all unique.

Buy a hand-decorated notebook


Looking for something to supercharge your writing? Look no further…


Scrivener's opening screen.

Price: £47

Scrivener changed my writing life. It’s a writing and publishing tool that allows you to keep everything to do with your book in one place. You can check out my Scrivener review here, and purchase it for a one-off payment here.*

Novel Factory

Price: $75 – $600 per year

Novel Factory holds your hand through your whole writing journey. That means, if you’re completely new to writing, it can help you with its easy to understand guides and tutorials. Different pricing tiers offer different options, so it’s worth doing your research before purchasing. Plans are available monthly or yearly.

Get Novel Factory*


Price: £20 per month, £79 per year, or £399 lifetime

ProWritingAid is the tool for anyone looking to improve the writing. It goes beyond spelling and grammar checks—it looks at everything from cliches to repetition to sentence structure. It’s one of the most in-depth tools out there, and I highly recommend it.

My ProWritingAid review will tell you a bit more about why I love it. You can also get 20% off by following this link.*


Price: $249.99

While I don’t use Vellum for formatting myself, (I use Scrivener) many indie authors swear by it. It streamlines the book formatting process and allows you to do some cool effects to the interiors of your books.

Discover Vellum.


Courses are, by far, one of the best ways to grow as a writer. Here’s a selection that helps with different aspects of writing.

How to Write Realistic Characters

How to write realistic characters online workshop - available to watch now

Price: $20

For anyone stuck on their characters—or looking for inspiration on new characters—this workshop is not to be missed. It’s designed to help you get inside your character’s heads so that you can make them more interesting, well-rounded, and easier to write.

Write realistic characters

Character Creation Crash Course

Pre-order price: $119 (full price $199)

Everything you ever wanted to know about character creation but didn’t know where to look. Going live in January, this will be taught using live and pre-recorded sessions, teaching every aspect of characterisation from forming their backstory to understanding their psyche.

Crash into the preorder price

From Idea to Income

Price: $299

The blogging market is getting increasingly competitive. How do you make sure you stand out?

This course is designed to guide you from creating your blog and narrowing down your idea, to making money from it. Wherever you are in your blogging journey, it can help you build your authority, grow your list, and make money writing.

Blog away


Moral support goes a long way to getting things done when you hit a difficult time. Not to mention they’re great ways to learn new skills.



Price: Free starter plan, then £39 a month.

I love being a member of ATOMIC. It’s a super supportive business community filled with people from all over the world.

Membership includes access to their event, ATOMICON, to be held in Newcastle in November. Both the in-person version of ATOMICON and the online version this week were super inspiring and I got so many ideas from the sessions.

They also have regular workshops and discussions, and accountability sprints.


Build Your Online Audience

Price: £599 per year

Janet Murray’s online community is designed to help you grow your audience so that you can sell more. Whatever type of business you own, she’ll help you get to the bottom of your ideal customer’s psychology and what makes them tick. This is particularly helpful for bloggers and nonfiction writers, as tapping into those psychological needs is super important!

Discover the Build Your Online Audience Programme*

The League of Extraordinary Email Marketers

Price: $59 per month

Rob and Kennedy are full of infectious enthusiasm for email marketing. They have email templates for just about every day of the year, but they take it one step further by explaining why those templates work. They delve deep into the psychology behind them, and it’s fascinating.

They also do regular calls where you can talk about your email campaigns and get feedback on your writing. Great for anyone running a blog, working as a copywriter or content marketer, or looking to learn more about psychology.

Discover The League of Extraordinary Email Marketers


Sometimes you need something a little more custom to you.

Family history research

Price: £250 for 10 hours research

This is such a cool, unique idea!

Natalie Pithers of Genealogy Stories had this to say:

“Uncover your unique family history and discover a legacy of stories that can be passed down the generations. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time and met your ancestors! You’ll be given a family history full of juicy stories, solved mysteries, ancestral triumphs and tragedies—without having to take the time to do all that research yourself. Alternatively, be part of the discovery process, with my one-to-one tuition service. Together we’ll delve into the records together or finally put that DNA test to good use.

“Tackle that writers block by getting inspiration from the past. Our ancestors’ stories are amazing, why not use them to help generate new plot or character ideas? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try writing historical fiction? Finding out about your own past, placing your own ancestors in the time and place within which they lived, is a great place to start!”

Discover genealogy stories

Virtual assistant

Price: £30 per hour

Being a writer is stressful. Help the writer in your life ease their burdens—get them a VA!

Rebecca Catterall, of The Business Wife, had this to say:

“Sometimes… you just want someone else to come along and adult for you. To sort things out, to deal with the to do list and to fix the dang tech. To remind you what to do when and take the burden offa you so you can get busy doing what you do best… writing. That’s where the Business Wife helps.

“Taking the admin and super techy woes off writers’ shoulders and leaving them free to wax lyrical knowing the job will get done.”

Meet The Business Wife

Author coaching (with me!)

Kristina Adams and Millie the westie headshot

Price: $60 per session, or $200 for 4 sessions

Sometimes, when you’re feeling stuck, all you need is an objective perspective. After helping dozens of writers over the last few years, I decided it was time to start helping those further afield, too.

So now you can purchase author coaching packages with me. One session is just $60, or you can get four sessions for $200 for added accountability.

Buy author coaching

Unique gift ideas for writers