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Restless Minds is an anthology my classmates and I put together as part of our MA in Creative Writing. We launched on 9th October 2014, and sold out of our first print run on opening night. We’re not selling our second print run and performing/selling at local events.

A few weeks’ ago now some of us performed at Dagda Publishing’s Speak Your Mind #2. We recorded some of our performances, and the YouTube playlist for them is below. It includes me reading some of my poetry/fiction; Lauren C. Terry reading her poems ‘Priority’, ‘Marina’ and ‘Brick by Brick’ (inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper); Clare Stevens reading ‘The Last Taboo’ and Kristian Elliott reading from ‘The Enigma of Thornwood’.

Apologies for the quality!

You can find out more about Restless Minds over on our website, and some photos from Speak Your Mind #2 on there as well.

There’s also some more videos of me reading here and here, and more videos from Restless Minds events on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think (of our pieces or our performances). You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. There’s a list of our past and upcoming events on our website, too.

Thanks for watching!