It’s one year today since What Happens in New York was published on Kindle and in print!

Where has the year gone?!

The launch poster for What Happens in New York!

One ago today I was joined by friends and fans at Nottingham Writers’ Studio to celebrate publishing my very first book.

Books lined up at the launch for What Happens in New York!

Books on sale at the launch for What Happens in New York!

I still can’t believe it.

Since it’s been a year since my first book was published, I thought we should take a trip down memory lane and see what’s changed since then, and what looks set to change between books two and three…

Book launch

This time last year, I was terrified of the launch event.

I needn’t have been—it went great—but the idea of standing up in front of people discussing my work and my work alone for over an hour petrified me.

I’m not sure why I was so terrified; I wish I was.

This time last year, I had an influx of texts from people saying they were really sorry but couldn’t make the book launch for XYZ reason. I totally understood, which is why I’ve chosen not to do a launch event this time. A lot of the people who wanted to come couldn’t because of distance, and also it wasn’t worth the stress it caused me.

So instead, I’m planning a Facebook Live launch (more details coming soon). That way, people can watch it whenever they like and wherever they are!


As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post on self-publishing lessons, I did a terrible job of proofreading What Happens in New York because I rushed it.

I went through it and picked up one some more things in September, but I have no doubt that there will be things  I missed.

This time, I used a professional proofreader. I didn’t want to initially, and it did change my schedule somewhat, but it was worth it.

Family matters

I always worry about Mum and Nan. That’s part of why Hollie and Fayth are so dedicated to their parents.

They didn’t come to the launch event last year, but we did go out for a celebratory meal, and they both have their own signed copies.

One year on, Mum and Nan are moving into a bungalow and selling the home I grew up in.

I don’t actually feel upset or nostalgic about it—I never really fitted in around there. That place is full of memories for me, but I have a tendency to focus on the bad ones when I go back there.

For me, Nottingham is home.

It’s where Boyfriend and I have chosen to settle down (for the time being, at least), and one day, where we plan to have little furry babies, like Merlin (pictured below).

perfect blog post

N’aww, isn’t he cute?

Looking forwards…

The next project I’m focusing on is Productivity for Writers.

It will be off to the beta readers over the next few days. Once I’ve heard back from them, I’ll work on the final edit and publishing schedule for it.

Beyond that, I want to work on book three in the What Happens in… series. My plan is to get a first draft done over the coming weeks, then leave it to sit while I finish off Productivity.

As well as that, I have one more project I’m working on right now (that’s currently stewing before I do some edits on it), that I plan to share with you all this year.

It’s called Behind the Spotlight and is a spin-off from What Happens in… starring Hollie’s university friend, Cameron, and his boyfriend, Luke.

There’s a few hints about it in What Happens in London, and more details beyond that will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!