The Writer’s Cookbook doesn’t offer any editing or beta reading services.

However, we can highly recommend Alexa over at Luna Imprint Author Services. She’s edited many of my books over the years and done an AMAZING job!

With that said, I’m going to hand over to her to tell you more about what they offer…

About Luna Imprints Author Services (LIAS)

Luna Imprints Author Services (LIAS) provides affordable editing services for indie writers. Whether you’ve just finished your first novel or your tenth (or fiftieth!) they’re there to answer all questions and provide in-depth editing, as well as coaching.

LIAS started off initially as a beta reading service. After finding many beta reading services lacking, author Alexa Whitewolf went off on her own and opened her own shop, charging a simple flat fee for her time.

It began as a service providing feedback to writers on what worked and didn’t in their stories (anything from chick lit, to thrillers, to dystopian, romance or paranormal), and then turned into more.

The “more” became a full list of editing packages from the beginner-level to the advanced, all designed to help raise your manuscript to its utmost quality level, and instead of paying per word, you get charged a flat fee.

If you already know what level of editing you need, go on and check out their site. Not sure yet what level you’re at? Read below for more info.

Types of Edits

For you to determine what level of editing you need, it’s best to start categorising them. The last thing you want is to pay for editing that’s too little—or too much.

Beta reading

If you’ve just finished your novel and want an honest, professional opinion on it, but are not yet ready to delve into the dark webs of editing, then you’ll want to find a beta reader.

Beta readers exist all over reading groups, on Goodreads, or in trusted author communities. Try to find someone with experience in your genre, and who doesn’t just read stories in that particular genre, but also critiques them—be it a blogger, fellow author, or editor. A reader will be able to tell you they enjoyed X part of the novel and not Y part… but they won’t be able to tell you why.

A good beta reader will point out everything that’s right and wrong with the story. It helps if you have a list of questions to send them to focus their feedback on areas you feel are lacking, too.

Developmental/Content editing

A developmental edit is, one can say, the first real stage of your editing. It focuses on the big picture issues and character development, as well as the overall story arc. Does the story make sense? Are there loopholes? Did you contradict yourself somewhere?

If you’ve written a fantasy, chances are the edits will focus on both the world building, the magic system, and your characters. Do all three elements work cohesively to build a whole? Do they keep the reader engaged? Is something lacking somewhere?

For a romance novel, the dev edits will focus a lot on the romance. Does it feel like insta love? What are the characters’ motivations? Does the climax make sense? Are you hooking your audience, or are the characters falling flat?

A good editor, when doing a developmental edit, will tell you everything that works and doesn’t work with your story. Some will even provide an editorial report, sort of a summary cheat sheet with all the main items they’ve flagged in your story.

If you’re wondering what the difference between this and beta reading is, the answer is in what you, as a writer, get back. A beta reading will generally get you either a list of your questions answered with a few additional notes, or an editorial report (if the beta reader provides it).

A developmental edit, on the other hand, means you’ll be getting your manuscript back with comments and tracked changes, as well as an editorial report. It’s an in-depth review of your entire novel that looks at the story, the characters, yes, but also the writing style, the structure of the story, grammar/punctuation, etc.

Structural editing

Most developmental edits will focus on the structure of the story as well. But if this is something that you’re unsure of—maybe you have both present and past timelines in your story, and you’re not sure if you should divide it into parts, flashbacks, or whatnot—then you can ask your editor for a full structural edit. It’s always a good idea to check if the editing you receive will be as in-depth as you wish it to be.

Copy and line editing

In technical terms, copy editing and line editing are different. Lately, a lot of editors seem to combine them into one service, and it’s usually the most popular outside of developmental edits. What’s important to know is that at this stage, the story is meant to be completely ‘fixed’, and both copy and line editing focus on the writing itself.

Copyediting will bring the final manuscript to a more professional standard, in that it will improve consistency (UK vs US spelling), coherency (by rewriting fragmented sentences), clarity (fixing unclear expressions) and fix the typos (but is not a full proofread—that’s an editing stage on its own!).

Copy editors will look at spelling and grammar, but will mainly focus on dialogue tags, repetitions, word usage, POV and tenses, and descriptive inconsistencies.

Line editing, on the other hand, focuses on the flow of your prose, and the writing style itself. If an editor offers a line editing package, and you have an issue with dialogue tags, you may want to consider a full copy editing package instead. After all, line editing would focus on the strengthening of the prose itself, i.e. creative content.


Proofreading is, quite literally, the last pair of eyes on your novel. It’s the last polish, the last crossing of the Ts and dotting of the Is and taking care of all those pesky commas! Extremely meticulous and detail-oriented, this last level of editing is a must for all concerned.

Section on each type of edit LIAS provides

Now that you’re more familiar with the various edits, what does LIAS provide as part of their packages? All types!

Beta reading – for the beginners

If you’ve only just finished your manuscript and given it a once over, but are unsure whether the story is cohesive enough or not…

If you’re looking for a professional review of it with an idea of areas to strengthen and build upon…

Then LIAS’s beta reading package is for you.

A full-length novel beta reading costs only $195USD, and not only will they take the time to read and answer your list of novel-related questions, but LIAS will also provide a complementary beta editorial report with areas that worked and areas that need improvement on in your novel.

  • Perfect for: beginners, intermediate, advanced writers
  • Client receives: a 2-3 page editorial report with areas to strengthen
  • Price: $195USD
  • Turnaround: 1 week

Developmental editing—for intermediate and advanced

If you’re ready to dive into the dark web of editing and would like the full detailing, you may want to consider LIAS’s developmental editing package.

It comes in two sizes: for novels up to 60k, and novels up 80k in length.

Longer novels are also accepted, but you’ll have to get in touch for a custom quote. Turnaround time would also differ.

A developmental editing package, regardless of the size of the novel, would cover:

  • An editorial report
  • Full beta in-depth review
  • Full developmental edits
  • Basic copy/line editing
  • Basic grammar and proofread
  • Tracked changes and comments in a Word document
  • Critique more in-depth than industry standards

At LIAS, they really go above and beyond to catch everything, which means your novel is reviewed and readthrough not once, but a few times over.

In this package you get the developmental edits, with the copy editing, and a basic proofread thrown in. You’ll also additionally receive an editorial report (around 3-5 pages long), that will cover everything from whether your characters were authentic enough, to the plot, the overall storyline, the romance arc (if there is one), the fantasy arc (if there is one), the pacing/conflict, thoughts on first chapter/hook, and the writing style. It will also include suggested fixes.

Best of all? If you want to come back for a final proofread, or an additional copy editing package once you’ve taken care of all the changes from the original package, LIAS will offer you a discount!

All their fees are flat-rate based instead of per word, meaning your savings will add up. And as writers, savings are important when you’re publishing your first few novels.

  • Perfect for: beginners, intermediate, advanced writers
  • Client receives: original manuscript with tracked changes and comments inserted; a 3-5 page editorial report with areas to strengthen; one-on-one coaching for help with any trouble areas after the completion of the work
  • Price for a novel up to 60 000: $795USD
  • Price for a novel up to 80 000: $995USD
  • Price of a novella under 40 000 or novel over 80 000: contact for a custom quote
  • Turnaround: 3 weeks (could be less depending on length of novel)

Polishing package

If you’ve already had someone beta your novel and you’re confident the story is good to go, then you’re probably debating between copy edits, line edits, or a final proofread. LIAS has you covered there too!

Prices start at $145USD and vary depending on length and edits/combination of edits chosen, so it’s best to contact directly and explain what you’d like for this one.

LIAS combines both copy editing and line editing, so you’ll be getting two for the price of one if you go that way, and you can add in the final proofread for an additional discounted fee.

Your novel will get the full writing mechanism treatment and include:

  • In-depth review of grammar, conditionals, tenses
  • Punctuation, spelling, readability
  • Review of clarity and flow of lines, consistency
  • Review of sentence structure, fragmented sentences

With LIAS, you always get a human editor, and a person at the other end of the line that wants your story to be its best possible version.

  • Perfect for: intermediate, advanced writers or writers who already had their novel beta read
  • Client receives: a Word document with tracked changes
  • Price: $145USD starting (contact for quote)
  • Turnaround: 1-2 weeks depending on edits chosen and novel length


Book formatting

If you’re the type who wants their book’s inside to look just as great as the writing itself, then you may want to consider LIAS’s book formatting services as well.

Ebook and paperback formatting are available for an additional $100USD ($60USD each if booked separately).

  • For ebook formatting, client receives: .mobi and .epub files fully formatted
  • For paperback formatting, client receives: PDF of formatted manuscript
  • Pricing: $100USD for both, $60USD each if booked separately
  • Turnaround 2-3 weeks

Other services

Finally, if you’re new to the author journey and things like Amazon categories and keywords or newsletters make your head explode, LIAS also has you covered there.

Ask them about their newsletter setup services or Amazon add-on help when you book your editing package!

Increase your Amazon visibility with the right keywords & categories:

  • Client receives: 7 suggested keywords for Amazon ‘book details’ page and 10 suggested categories to increase book visibility from release day
  • Turnaround: 2 days
  • Pricing: $75USD for ebook only, or $120USD for both ebook and paperback

Newsletter setup:

  • Client receives partial or full newsletter setup with/without automations on Mailchimp or Mailerlite
  • Turnaround: 5 days
  • Pricing: Starting at $95USD for a basic newsletter account setup with campaign templates; contact for more information.


At this point, you may be wondering what makes LIAS so special. You may have already seen similar services offered on other editing platforms.

The difference between LIAS and other editors? You get a real, live, human editor. Someone who answers your questions and cares about your story, because she’s been there. Someone who knows the pains of sweating and back aches and fingers cramping over a keyboard as you pour over the words, desperate to meet readers’ demands.

At LIAS, they really do care about your story. And with author and editor Alexa Whitewolf, you get professional service and full honesty, plus she’ll work with you on any hiccups you encounter in fixing your plot.

Brianna Cash, author of Stars in the Sand duology, said, ‘Working with Alexa not only improved the quality of my story, it also helped make me a better writer. She caught the things that didn’t work and gave ideas on how to improve them, but pointed out the good things, too. This not only helps my confidence, but also shows me what I’m doing right.’

 Kristina Adams, author of What Happens in…and Hollywood Gossip series and more, said,  ‘Alexa is one of the best beta readers I’ve ever worked with. Her comments are honest, in-depth, and helpful. Not only that, but she helps me come up with ways to fix the issues that she raises. What she suggests never feels dictatorial either; it’s a two-way conversation where we bounce off each other to solve the problem. Any writer looking to take their book from ‘eh’ to ‘AMAZING’ should get Alexa’s help immediately.’

Eldon Farrell, author of Singularity and Descent series, said, ‘My books would not be what they are without the keen insight of Alexa Whitewolf. Her suggestions in beta are of the highest quality, and have made Luna Imprints my go to for author services. This is an investment your future self will thank you for making!’

Amy B. Nixon, author of the upcoming Nordstrom Necromancer series said, ‘Luna Imprints is my go-to solution for everything—from insightful developmental edits to professional interior design, to constructive Beta feedback. Luna Imprints’ team offers every bit of intrinsic author services you’d need, all wrapped in neat packages.’

Elle Beaumont, author of The Hunter series said, ‘Alexa proofed my manuscript for Queen’s Edge and polished it to perfection! Quick, concise, and efficient. I highly recommend her to anyone.’

Contact LIAS directly at to book today. Now accepting bookings for 2021! Or visit their website for more information.