Sacha Black is a bestselling author, host of The Rebel Author Podcast and Next Level Authors, and a professional speaker. She writes amazing educational nonfiction books for writers, and fantasy for Young Adult and adult audiences. She lives in Cambridgeshire with her wife and son.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why side characters drive your plot forwards
  • Why your story needs a theme
  • Juggling a writing (and podcasting!) schedule with raising small people
  •  How to use time blocks effectively
  • The benefits of a morning writing routine (and how much of a different it’s made to Kristina’s writing in a week!)

Listen to Sacha Black talk side characters

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Show notes

  • 3.30 – Patreon shoutout
  • 4.04 – Personal updates
  • 11.50 – About Sacha Black
  • 12.50 – Why are side characters so important?
  • 14.50 – How side characters can be used to represent the theme of your story
  • 17.30 – Do different genres require different characters and different characterisation?
  • 21.45 – Is it time to cut that side character?
  • 28.00 – The two types of character deaths
  • 40.00 – Stop fridging your characters!
  • 33.15 – How literal and metaphorical deaths affect your characters
  • 48.50 – How to juggle writing books, raising a child, and everything else
  • 55.05 – Setting an example for the next generation
  • 59.10 – Time management when you’ve got too much shit to do
  • 1.08.15 – The two books that changed Sacha’s life
  • 1.11.25 – Where to find Sacha online

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