Daniel Willcocks is an international bestselling author and award-nominated podcaster of dark fiction. He is an author coach; one fifth of digital story studio, Hawk & Cleaver; co-founder of iTunes-busting fiction podcast, ‘The Other Stories‘;’ CEO of horror imprint, Devil’s Rock Publishing; and the co-host of the ‘Next Level Authors’ podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The BIG mistakes indie authors make
  • Why it’s important to remember publishing is a long-term game
  • How horror reflects the human psyche
  • Why some people look down on genres like horror and romance

Listen to Daniel Willcocks talk self-publishing

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Show notes

  • 00.00 – Introduction
  • 04.30 – Podcast update
  • 06.25 – Personal updates
  • 09.28 – Interview with Daniel Wilcocks
  • 10.25 – What are the biggest mistakes that indie authors make?
  • 15.25 – What should you do if you’re terrified of anyone reading your first book?
  • 19.48 – What are the first steps to launching a book?
  • 23.32 – What are the biggest mindset issues writers face?
  • 28.40 – Why is it so important to show up for yourself?
  • 32.10 – Why is it important to see through the bullshit?
  • 38.14 – How does Daniel get focused during his writing sessions?
  • 43.00 – Who is Deathbed Dan?
  • 49.58 – What’s appeal of horror?
  • 1.03.15 – Is there a benefit to writing shorter projects?
  • 1.06.52 – Some horror books for anyone looking to get into the genre.
  • 1.09.28 – Which book changed Daniel’s life?
  • 1.10.53 – Where can you find out more about Daniel?

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